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I was thrilled to be contacted by Vegan Cuts earlier this month and be offered a free month trial of their snack box. A box of all-vegan surprise treats sent to my door? YES PLEASE!
Huxley inspected the haul then all three cats played the “if it fits I sits game” with the box.
Earthgiven Kitchen Vegan Cuts december 2014 (4)
Here’s what subscribers were given in this month’s snack box:
Nutiva “O’Coconut” coconut treat with hemp and chia. I love coconut so this was the first goody I tried from the box. Delicious!
Beanfield’s Bean Chips in “Pico de Gallo” flavour. This was the only treat in the box I’d tried before. I’ve tried all of Beanfield’s flavours and have to say that I prefer Nacho and Sea Salt flavours to the Pico de Gallo, but that’s just me. I love that Beanfield’s chips are vegan, even their Ranch flavour. High in protein and fibre too!
Earthgiven Kitchen Vegan Cuts december 2014 (2)
Parma! Vegan “parmesan” in “Chipotle & Cayenne” flavour. I regularly use sprinkles like this (nuts, seeds, nutritional yeast and sea salt blended to a powder) on pasta and salads, so I love the concept but you can just as easily make your own if you’re so inclined. Like the Beanfield’s, I’m not a huge fan of chipotle and cayenne spices so it wasn’t my favourite flavour but I sprinkled it on my son’s mac and cheese (he loves those spices) and he gave it two thumbs up.
Bare Snacks: Crunchy, sweetened organic coconut chips. I adore coconut chips and these were just as good as the other brands I’ve tried. There was just enough in the bag for one handful which was gone in 5 seconds and left me wanting more.
Eli’s Earth Bars in “Treasure Bar” flavour from Sjaak’s Organic Chocolate. OMG a real chocolate bar with creamy peanut butter centre and a caramel layer…I can’t remember how long it’s been since I’ve eaten something like this and it was awesome. I used every ounce of willpower to share a few bites with my kids.
Earthgiven Kitchen Vegan Cuts december 2014 (3)
Earnest Eats “Hot & Fit” cereal in “American Blend” flavour. I was very pleased to receive a full size container of this cereal, how generous; enough for several servings. My family liked it so much we ate it two days in a row. It’s low sugar so you can add sweetener if you like or just enjoy it as is. More than just oats, it’s a mix of superfoods like pumpkin seeds and flax with high-fiber and high-protein quinoa and amaranth. I added banana, apricot slivers and Brazil nuts to my bowl and sweetened it with molasses and a bit of jam… so delicious and filling. One bowl and I was full and energized for hours. Breakfast of champions!
Earthgiven Kitchen Vegan Cuts December cereal
Naturade chai-flavoured protein powder: Lovely smooth texture, no chalky taste. If this was available in Canada, I’d buy it.
TruJoy: a candy cane with no artificial flavours or colours, hurray! It’s the first candy cane I’ve given my kids in years.
Torie & Howard organic hard candies in clever flavours: D’Anjou Pear & Cinnamon and Pomegranate & Nectarine. I’m not a big candy fan but these were pretty great. No artificial colours or flavours! And check out the most adorable website ever: http://www.torieandhoward.com/
Goody Good Stuff: Cola flavoured candy! Just like when I was a kid, except now I can enjoy gummies made without gelatin. Woo hoo!
Bonus non-food treat: one month free subscription to Fit Fusion.com. Now that I’ve eaten all that candy, an online subscription to workout videos will come in handy!
Aaaaaaaand I’m going to give them award for the favourite product in the box to Earnest Eats cereal! 
Big thanks to Vegan Cuts for gifting me with these snacks!
Vegan Cuts
Get your own Vegan Cuts subscription or just try one month yourself. It’s an especially fun treat if you’re Canadian as many of the products they ship are not available yet in stores here. Also check out the Vegan Cuts Marketplace and the Beauty Boxes!

(Note: this is an affiliate link so if you click the link then order I’ll get a small compensation. I use affiliates as a fundraiser to send my son to Take Action Camp for young social activists. To learn more about him and this special camp, you can read his blog post here).

Wishing you all a wonderful new year!