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Winter 2014 was brutally long, cold and dreary in Ontario. Come April, when I was dying to see the daffodils and trees in bloom, and get our back yard garden going again, we were still battling snow storms. Since I couldn’t have the outdoor garden I wanted early spring, I made my own garden indoors.  I used the scraps of the vegetables I otherwise would have discarded in the green waste bin, and started a mini vegetable garden in my own kitchen.

Regrowing vegetables Earthgiven Kitchen (3)Why regrow food?

–It’s fast: eat the food you grow yourself in just a few weeks.

–You can do it year-round

–It’s virtually free (just some water and a few toothpicks)

Less food waste

–It’s so easy that even if you have no green thumb at all you can do this project; way easier than growing seeds.

–It’s fun! My kids loved checking on their vegetables every day to see how they were growing, you can see the changes daily.

How to get started: For greens like lettuce and celery, take the bottom three inches or so, the stuff you would have probably thrown away, stick a bamboo stick or toothpicks through, so it can sit in a jar of water, and add fresh water daily.

Romaine Lettuce:

You only have to wait 24 hours before you see your lettuce magically re-growing. Earthgiven Kitchen Regrowing Romaine

Two weeks later you can chop enough greens from one plant for a sandwich. Look at this green gorgeousness:

Regrowing vegetables Earthgiven Kitchen (11) Regrowing vegetables Earthgiven Kitchen (12)Celery: Celery is a bit slower to grow than lettuce. After two weeks, transfer outdoors to keep it growing.

Earthgiven Kitchen Regrowing celery and romaineThese are the ones I’ve tried so far; other vegetables you can regrow from scraps include onions, potatoes, lemongrass, garlic, even pineapple (you’ll have to wait a few years to get fruit!).

Once you’ve harvested your food, you can see if your base will regrow again. If mine don’t, I toss them in the bag of vegetable scraps I keep in my freezer for future homemade vegetable broth.

Let me know if you’ve tried re-growing your own food and which were your favourites to grow!

This project is being shared on Healthy Vegan Fridays!

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