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Hi friends, I’ve had an early Christmas present, and it’s something I’ve wanted for years: a Blendtec!  I’m excited to tell you all about it and share a few new recipes..

Blendtec Earthgiven KitchenUp until now I’ve been using my food processor for all my food blending, and as much as I love it, it does not have the power and design to really blend our smoothies and pureed foods.  And nut butters or homemade milks in my food processor?  Forget about it.

blendtec world's bestBut now in a Blendtec, all my creamy recipes are a snap. A HUGE thank you to Blendtec for this generous gift!  To get your own Blentec (and with a small portion of the sales going to the Me to We Take Action summer camp for young activists), click this link to buy in the US direct from Blendtec and this link to buy in Canada from Upaya.  Both links offer free shipping!

We have the Designer series which is awesome because this version has smooth top with capacitive slider, which means no buttons and therefore super easy to clean, just a quick wipe and you’re done.  It comes in different colours and like all Blendtecs, it has a seven year warranty.  Look how shiny and pretty it is!

blendtec designerI completely adore my new blender!  Here are some of the great recipes we’ve been enjoying:


Earthgiven Kitchen Toasted Almond Broccoli soup by Blendtec (1)We started with the Toasted Almond and Broccoli Soup from the Blendtec recipe book.  Just steam the broccoli for a few minutes while you broil the almonds in the oven, then throw all ingredients in the Blendtec and press the “soup” button.  90 seconds later and it’s all done!  Pour straight into bowls and serve.  Not only does it blend the soup until it’s velvety smooth, it heats it too!

Nut Milks

You just can’t get creamy nut milks without a high-powered blender, but they are a cinch in a Blendtec.  A quick internet search reveals the consensus for making nondairy milk is 1:4 ration of nuts/seeds/oats/rice to water.

Earthgiven Kitchen Homemade Almond MilkHomemade Almond Milk
1 cup almonds, soaked for at least a few hours and up to overnight
4 cups of water
optional: dash of sea salt, cinnamon, vanilla, 1 pitted Medjool date, stevia, maple syrup, cacao powder.

Drain and rinse the nuts.  Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth.  Drape cheesecloth over a wide-mouthed jar and pour the almond milk through.  You can keep the almond meal in the cheesecloth for future recipes like cookies.  Store the almond milk in the fridge.

The milk below was made with cinnamon and a Medjool date.

Earthgiven Kitchen Homemade Almond Milk with cinnamonNut Butter

Earthgiven Kitchen almond butter twister jarYou can make any nut butter you like just by tossing nuts in the Blendtec for a few minutes.  Optional add-ins: spices, sweetener, sea salt, peanut oil or walnut oil.

You know how when you’re making thick recipes, you have to stop the blender every minute to scrape down the side with a spatula?  Well, the geniuses at Blendtec designed a jar with two built-in spatulas so that it scrapes the sides AS the blender is running!  This is the Twister jar (16 fl oz) and it’s much smaller than the regular WildSide jar (about 90 fl oz) that the blender comes with, perfect for smaller batch recipes.   If I’m making a smoothie just for me, I’ll just use the Twister jar.

Earthgiven Kitchen almond cashew butter (2)Cinnamon Almond-Cashew Nut Butter
½ cup cashews
½ cup almonds
1 tsp molasses (optional)
½ tsp cinnamon
¼ tsp sea salt

Add all ingredients to a high-powered blender and blend for about 40 minutes until creamy.  Spoon into jars and keep in the fridge.  Makes a delicious sandwich filling, dip for apples, smoothie add-in …and even on its own straight from the jar (I won’t judge you).

Smoothies smoothies smoothies!

There is a button just for smoothies; even tough kale stems are pulverized in no time.  No more getting chunks stuck in our straws.  We love smoothies because it’s the easiest way to enjoy a healthy meal.  We could never convince our kids to eat the amount of greens that they do unless they were hidden in smoothies.  We freeze ziplock bags of washed organic baby spinach, kale, bok choy and collard greens.  You can add a whole cup of greens to a smoothie and you can’t taste it, especially if the greens are frozen first.  We’re trying to eat more raw food, and smoothies are one of the fastest, easiest ways to pack a lot of raw fruits and vegetables in one delicious meal.
Earthgiven Kitchen chocolate smoothie (3)Our basic smoothie recipe is a frozen banana, scoop of vegan protein powder (Sunwarrior or PlantFusion these days), a handful of greens (see tip above), nondairy milk and whatever add-in we feel like: cinnamon, dates, cacao powder, hemp seeds, berries, mango, nut butter, maca powder, flavoured ice cubes, etc.

Blueberry Coconut Smoothie collageFind my smoothie recipes here (near the bottom of the page).  Speaking of smoothies…. Don’t’ forget the PlantFusion giveaway which closes December 31st!

Thanks again to Blendtec!