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UPDATE 2016: I don’t give PlantFusion my recommendation, due to their reported chocolate sourcing problems. I try not to support companies whose chocolate products could be sourced using slave or child labour, an issue I take seriously. For more information, please see: http://www.foodispower.org/chocolate-list/

Hi folks, I hope the holiday season is treating you well!

Are you ready for December 25th? I am NOT.  Not even close.  I had ideas for all sorts of lovely Christmas-themed posts in December but with work and school all fall the weeks just flew by too quick!  I have no cranberry recipes or photos of cats wearing Santa hats.  But I DO have a giveaway for you for a fabulous vegan product!

I was pleased to be contacted by the PlantFusion company and offered to try several of their samples of nutrition powders, all which are gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO and hypoallergenic.

Earthgiven Kitchen plantfusionI got to try all flavours of their two products: PlantFusion protein powders and Phood (cute name!) which is a whole food supplement packed with protein, enzymes, phytonutrients, essential fatty acids, probiotics and more.  We tried them on their own as well as mixed them in our fruit and veggie smoothies.  The tastes were all very good though I found them quite sweet, so it was good for enticing the kids to drink them.   They are sugar-free but If you’re not a fan of stevia, it may not be your favourite taste.  Personally I LOVE stevia!

In the Plant Fusion protein powders, Chocolate was my favourite.  I also liked Unflavoured (pictured below), which I tried in just plain water to try its natural taste; it was just fine on its own.  I found Cookies N’ Cream to be too strongly flavoured, but the kids loved it since they always want their smoothies to taste like they are eating dessert!   One 120-calorie scoop of PlantFusion has 21g of protein from pea, artichoke, sprouted quinoa and sprouted amaranth proteins. Earthgiven Kitchen plantfusion unflavouredIf you want more than just protein, go for the Phood powders which are a complete meal replacement, just add water.  The taste is very similar to the Plant Fusion and just as smooth.  I love all the nutrition packed into one product.  I would much rather consume real plants (sprouted/juiced, dehydrated) than a synthetic multivitamin.  Verdict: Awesome! I would absolutely buy PlantFusion in future.

One cool thing about Phood: It claims to contain vegan Vitamin D3!  Usually you can tell if vitamin D is vegan if it’s D2; D3 is non-vegan (from sheep).  PlantFusion assures me their D3 is 100% plant-based: “All our products are vegan therefore the source of D3 is lichen; it is vegetarian based D3. It’s a complex organism that is formed through the interaction of an algae and mushroom like organism in areas along the sea coast, desert, and even the Arctic Tundra.  It is a natural source of Vitamin D3.”  Pretty cool, huh?

You can connect with PlantFusion to learn more on facebook or twitter.  Think outside the smoothie glass and find great recipes with their powders including brownies and savoury dishes on their website here.

Blendtec Earthgiven KitchenWe just got a Blendtec blender so we’ve been enjoying even more smoothies than we regularly do.  (We’re practically obsessed with our Blendtec.  But that’s all in a future post!)  In a Blendtec, the PlantFusion powder plus water or soy milk was a creamy treat in only about three seconds.  If you’re in the States, Blendtec offers free shipping; if you’re in Canada, you can get free shipping on your Blendtec from Upaya.  (These are affiliate links; If you end up making a purchase, I receive a small commission which I’m using as a fundraiser to send my son to a social justice summer camp; read more about that here.)

PlanFusion is offering one Earthgiven Kitchen reader a free 1lb bottle of PlantFusion along with samples of the other flavours!  You can choose the flavour of the bottle, the samples will be of our four other flavours of PlantFusion as well as Phood. The total value will be a little over $40!  Thank you very much, PlantFusion!

You must be a US resident (sorry fellow Canadians!).  To enter the contest, comment below OR on this post on my facebook page to tell me which flavour you want to try (Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Chocolate Raspberry, Cookies N’ Cream or Unflavoured).  Contest closes December 30th.  One winner will randomly be selected on December 31st.   Good luck!


UPDATE:  All names were entered into a draw… the winner is Jordan D.  Congrats!