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Up until now, I’ve kept my kids the vaguest mention on my blog.  I thought it best for my little people to choose for themselves, when they are old enough, how and when they appear on the internet.  Now that my son is a preteen (holy smokes, how did that happen?!) he is choosing to venture online a bit, for a good cause. me to we 3How it started:  He had the wonderful opportunity last month to watch the broadcast of We Day, an educational event from Me to We, an initiative of the Free the Children charity, with the goal to inspire youth and motivate them to create local and global change (shift our thinking from “me” to “we”).

we day waterlooWhat a wonderful notion: we can all be the change, especially young people.  I’d never seen my son so excited as when he came home from watching We Day, with a list of ideas for changing the world.  After seeing that one of the presenters at We Day was a 10 year old blogger he was inspired to use blogging as his medium to get his message out there.

My son is particularly passionate about vegetarianism and its power for positive world change, not just to be kind to animals but for the environment and to help fight world hunger and our health.  As you can imagine, I’m proud as can be.

Evan Peace 4 Us AllIntroducing my son, Evan, and his blog Peace 4 Us All.  I help him with the technical side and edit for spelling but the words and passion behind it are all his.   Peace 4 Us AllEvan wants to inspire as many people as possible to not only go vegetarian but stop supporting captive animals for entertainment like zoos, aquariums and circuses.  He has convinced two friends at school to go vegetarian and many others to at least boycott Marineland and McDonald’s.  (For the record, he’s not quite “vegan”.  He eats vegan at home but he will occasionally eat eggs and dairy at other people’s homes like at birthday parties.  While he has the best of intentions, he has the willpower of a 10 year old boy faced with cake and ice cream.  He has been vegetarian since the age of four and he eats plant-based 95% of the time.  I’m sure one day he’ll transition to full vegan.)

My son has a goal: to go to the Me to We’s Take Action social justice camp this summer 2013.  There, he will learn how to put his messages (be kind to others, save animals) into action in his community and beyond.

metowe3Photo credits: Me to We

His father and I have challenged him to raise as much of the fees for this camp as he can, which is over $1,000 for a week (Yikes! Why so expensive?  Because half the fees are a charitable donation to Free the Children) 

To help him meet his targets, I’ll be forwarding all commission from the affiliate programs on my blog (Blendtec, Vegan Cuts, 100% Pure and Upaya) to the Me to We Take Action camp!

Have any holiday shopping left to do?  Click here to shop for a great cause!  Thank you for your support!

Affiliate collage earthgiven kitchen It’s a small commission, so he’ll need to do a lot more to raise money.  If you have fundraising ideas for a 10-year old, please let us know in the comments!

Do you know of other veg*n kid bloggers?  We’d love to know about them!