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If you follow me on facebook, you might remember I posted a photo of my friend’s litter of five tabby-Siamese kittens in the summer, who all needed new homes.

Earthgiven Kitchen kitten November 2013 (3) Knowing how much my children love animals, my friend invited my family over to play with the kittens as well as her other pets.  We had no intention of taking one of the kittens ourselves as cute as they were as we already had two cats at home, but being at my friend’s house where there are 11 cats and dogs, many of them rescues…our two-cat home started to look rather …empty.  Couldn’t we save just one more cat?

Meet our new fur baby, Phoenix!Earthgiven Kitchen Phoenix kittenHere he is at two days old with his mother and litter mates.  Thanks to my friend Jane for snapping these photos and letting me share them.
Earthgiven Kitchen kittens newbornWe first met him at four weeks old.

Earthgiven Kitchen kittens four weeks oldWe brought him home when he was six weeks old.

Earthgiven Kitchen catsTo our delight, he got along well right from the beginning with our older cats Zabu (above) and Henry (below) who were both adopted from the Humane Society.  We brought home Zabu eight years ago.  He was an adult cat who had been in the Humane Society a while with no takers.  Henry joined our family 11 years ago when he was a 6 week old kitten who was about to be euthanized due to his respiratory infection.  We couldn’t bear the thought of that so we adopted him, took him to the vet for his illness (which turned out to be not as severe as we feared) and he’s been a perfectly healthy cat ever since.

Now Phoenix is five months old and getting so big.  He’s going to be a big adult cat, he’s already the same size as Henry.  His tail is super fluffy and he has the cutest little tufts of fur behind his ears.

Earthgiven Kitchen kitten November 2013 (5)How do you get a photo of all three cats?  Just set out some boxes and they’ll hop right in!

Earthgiven Kitchen kitten November 2013 (1)I think three is the perfect number of cats for our home.  How about you?