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The 29th annual Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival happened a few weeks ago, an inspiring and delicious event in beautiful Harbourfront Centre coordinated by the Toronto Vegetarian Association.  Despite being a long-time vegetarian and living less than two hours away, this was only my second year at the event.  We’ve had such great experiences I’m sure we will continue to make it an annual event.

Earthgiven Kitchen TVA food festival 2013 (3)Last year we went when the weather was crummy: cool and rainy all day.  But the plus was that we never waited in line for food.  This year we went on what was one of the most spectacular days of the summer: gloriously warm and sunny, which made it the perfect day for a stroll around the beautiful lakefront and enjoy some delicious food…… which was the same idea that thousands of other people had and the crowds were occasionally intense.  Also, coming on the last day of the three-day event meant that some vendors had run out of their most popular items by then (Like Apiecalypse Now’s S’mores Pie).
Earthgiven Kitchen Hot Beans lunch TVA fest 2013Two friends had attended the festival the day before and both gave me the tip to try the Mac and Cheese Burrito from Hot Beans.  After waiting 45 minutes for our food (it was worth it), we had two fabulous burritos in our hands, and one Jackfruit Taco.  The burritos were stuffed with macaroni and cheese, fried potatoes, veggie dog chunks and a slightly spicy chili aioli – all our favourite comfort foods rolled in one, so fun to eat.  The taco was my first time eating jackfruit and I was impressed, I loved the taste and texture.  There are lots of jackfruit taco recipes online, I’ll have to try one before long.Earthgiven Kitchen TVA food festival 2013 (6)For dessert we hit Sweets from the Earth for two chocolate cupcakes.  They were both quite good, though the carrot cake and cheesecakes remain our favourite items of theirs, and thank goodness we can get them locally in Waterloo Region.

Earthgiven Kitchen TVA food festival 2013 (2)I was so glad to see Tori’s Bakeshop there– an organic vegan bakery that has been on my must-try list for over a year–  but I didn’t have to go all the way to their Toronto Beaches location for their treats.  We LOVED their  chocolate chip cookie and frosted donut.  The novelty of a vegan donut has yet to wear off for me since I don’t make them myself and a great vegan donut is not so easy to find.
Earthgiven Kitchen Tori's BakeshopThere were lots of great deals of our favourite vegan products too, like Camino chocolate, my very favourite brand of chocolate for not only having so many delicious vegan flavours, but for being organic and fair trade.
Earthgiven Kitchen glass strawI picked up some glass straws from Upaya which we love.  Why did I wait so long to get glass straws?  They make everything taste better.  Upaya — where I bought I beloved Excalibur dehydrator — is an online retailer specializing in organic, raw and vegan health products.

Earthgiven Kitchen TVA food festival 2013 (7)Thank you very much to Toronto Vegetarian Association for the press package which included some fun treats like Prana maple almonds…man, those were good!

Earthgiven Kitchen TVA food festival 2013 (1)Other vendors we loved: Daiya, Marni Wasserman, Field Roast, Cocoon Apothecary, Peanut Butter & Co, Bunners, Natura (we stocked up on our favourite brand of organic, carrageenan-free milk), and many more.

When our bellies could eat no more and our arms could carry no more cases of soy milk, we headed back to our car for the long drive home, happy to have enjoyed a day of sunshine and celebration of vegan living.   See you next year!