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My family and I have just returned from a wonderful summer event, Pigfest, in the beautiful Royal City park in Guelph, Ontario.  Pigfest is organized by Guelph Pig Save, as a peaceful alternative event to Ribfest.  There is no need to support the immense suffering involved with the meat industry.   This festival highlighted so many delicious and healthy foods that are cruelty-free and the warm, compassionate vegan community.Earthgiven Kitchen Pigfest1Naturally, our favourite part of the event was the amazing food.  Some of the vegan deliciousness we enjoyed for lunch:
Earthgiven Kitchen Pigfest lunch–Tofurky sausage in a bun and samples of Gardein, donated by those companies.

Zen Garden assorted plates: chow mein, spring rolls, tofu kabobs and vegetable curry.  The food was very good though many items were fried which I’ve lost some taste for since going plant-based.  We definitely appreciated how reasonably priced the food was.  A plate of any three items was just $4.50.  Next time we’re craving some Chinese food, we’ll head to their Cambridge location!

Rawlicious: I was very excited to see this 100% raw, vegan and organic restaurant there after hearing how superb their food is from Toronto friends where they have a few locations, and now a newly opened one in Guelph. Their “Don’t Be Chicken “sandwich looked intriguing which required some debate before buying because it seemed so expensive (especially beside Zen Garden).  We decided to splurge and we were very glad we did!  The filling was savoury cashew and sunflower puree topped with alfalfa sprouts in a raw onion bread which was surprisingly sweet with intense flavour.  Wow, we were impressed!  Absolutely delicious.  Rawlicious, we will see you again soon!

Earthgiven Kitchen Pigfest dessertFairly Frosted:  We enjoyed mint chocolate chip ice cream (coconut-based), a sugar cookie and Triple Chocolate and Cookies ‘N Cream cupcakes which were all gluten-free, nut-free and vegan.  There are plenty of not so yummy gluten-free vegan cupcakes out there but we were very pleased to find that Fairly Frosted cupcakes had a superb taste and texture, light and fluffy with creamy icing.  We found them quite similar to Kindfood cupcakes which we adore, in fact I might prefer the Fairly Frosted buttercream icing to Kindfood’s icing…. I’d better eat more of both soon to be sure ;).  Fairly Frosted can regularly be found at the Guelph Farmer’s Market or special orders can be placed.

The kids enjoyed the balloons, crafts and games brought by the wonderful volunteers. We couldn’t have had better weather, it was the perfect day to enjoy the riverside park.

know your cuts of meatImage source

So, why focus on pigs?  Guelph Pig Save says: “We focus on Conestoga Meat Packers in particular because, as the largest slaughterhouse in the region, we believe they are the best example of the institutionalized violence that corporations continue to endorse, profit over, expose their employees to and make consumer society complicit in.….Exposing the cruelty that Conestoga Meat Packers enables and profits over, we wish for people to come to respect pigs. We also wish to show that this slaughterhouse industry financially benefits from the collective oppression and violent ideologies underlying so many broader social ills. We promote veganism as the most ethical, environmentally sustainable and healthiest lifestyle, both for human and pig….Take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”

There were so many volunteers there — thank you to Guelph Pig Save for organizing a great event!