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I first fell for rice bowls when I discovered an adorable vegetarian place called Café Aquarius in Guelph, Ontario when I was a university student.  Their tofu was cut into cute little shapes like stars and moons and the food was heavenly delicious for such healthy fare.  The cafe unfortunately closed about ten years ago, but rice bowls are easy to create at home with whatever veggies you like, and a simple dressing of oil and soy sauce; top with nuts, seeds, sprouts or fresh herbs.  The idea to add dried basil into the rice bowl comes from Kindfood, my very favourite restaurant.

I call this my Naked Burrito Rice Bowl because it’s just like my favourite sweet potato burritos, just without the tortilla!

Earthgiven Kitchen Rice Bowl (1) - text3 Naked Burrito Rice Bowl

Cooked brown rice (about one cup per serving)
Sauce: one part soy sauce/Braggs and one part olive oil or sesame oil (You’ll want about two tablespoons of sauce for each cup of rice)
A few teaspoons of dried basil
Extra-frim tofu, drained, rinsed and cut into one inch cubes, or black beans
Sweet potatoes
Your favourite stir-fry veggies.  I typically use garlic, kale and zucchini
Fresh tomato, chopped
Avocado, chopped or guacamole (optional)
Fresh cilantro
Red onion, finely diced
Toasted almonds, sunflower seeds or sesame seeds

No exact measurements are needed; simply stir-fry the veggies and tofu until soft while the rice is cooking (or warming, if rice is already prepared).    If you want the tofu crispier,  pan-fry them separately in a cast iron skillet.  If you’re using beans instead of tofu, just rinse them and add them to the stir-fry pan with the veggies for the last few minutes to warm them up.   Add to the rice about two tablespoons of sauce for each cup of rice and a bit of dried basil and stir.  Spoon the rice into bowls and top with the veggies and black beans or pan-fried tofu.  Add about two tablespoons of sauce for each cup of cooked rice and stir in a bit of dried basil.  Top with avocado/guacamole, fresh tomatoes, red onion cilantro and toasted almonds and sunflower or sesame seeds.  Serve immediately.

Earthgiven Kitchen Rice Bowl (3)Every time I make them, they are a little bit different depending on what veggies our family  feels like that day (i.e. how picky the kids are).

Earthgiven Kitchen Rice Bowl (9)Naked Burrito Rice bowls are one of our family’s most favourite dinners.  Comfort food!

This recipe is being shared with Healthy Vegan Fridays and Ricki Heller’s Wellness Weekend.  Check out their weekly blog hops to find great healthy recipes and ideas!