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It’s been a year since my first vegan food swap, and this month’s package contained some of the most exciting items yet!

Amanda from Vegan Sweet Tart sent me a most thoughtful gift box this month, full of wonderful new vegan finds.
May 2013 food swap (1)Here’s what I received:

Tasty Bites Channa Masala – perfect for a quick meal.  I love Tasty Bites products.

Funky Monkey freeze dried fruit – so delicious! I thought it would taste weird but these crispy fruit bites were quite delicious and very sweet.  Tasted like candy but no added sweetener in the ingredients, just fruit.  You can imagine how much my kids liked these.

Nature’s Path Apple Pie Crunch granola bar — as a mom on the go I always have a granola bar or two in my purse!  Always nice to find brands with decent ingredients and not loaded with honey, salt or dairy like other granola bars out there.  There is so much to love about Nature’s Path products: they are organic, non-GMO and are fair trade certified, which is especially important in products with chocolate.

Blue Monkey coconut chips —  whoa, these were really good!  Wouldn’t they be perfect sprinkled on top of a cupcake?   Perfect texture and sweetness.

Chimes Ginger Chew — I’m not really into gum or candy, so was surprised by how much I liked these chewy treats.  Wish I knew about them when I was pregnant, they would be awesome for morning sickness!  Read about the company’s charming origins here.

Hemp lip balm – I love lip balm, and finding vegan brands can be tricky!  I’d only been using HURRAW but am pleased to find another beeswax-free lip balm.

Simply Protein Chips — savoury chips made of pea protein and herbs, with 15 grams of protein in one bag and low in sugar.   Tasty without the guilt of potato chips!

I’d buy all these products again!

The last item in the box was the best by far….. homemade deodorant!  If you know how much of a hippie I am, you know I love homemade everything, from soap to toothpaste, so this was right up my alley.  I had been perusing recipes online as deodorant was next on my list to try to make, but I can’t imagine finding a better one than Amanda made me because this stuff REALLY WORKS!  Better than any natural deodorants I’ve tried (I’ve tried soooo many) and even better than the drug store brand deodorants that are full of toxic junk and tested on animals.   I’ve even got my husband to switch to it and we’ve both noticed how amazingly effective it is.

For more about why conventional deodorants are seriously hazardous to your health plus a recipe for an effective all natural deodorant, check out the awesome Megan Telpner’s post here on Poisoned Pits.

Anyone else make their own deodorant and have a recipe to share? 

Thank you to Amanda for a thoughtful, generous and thoroughly awesome swap package!  Thanks also to vegan food swap coordinator extraordinaire MeShell!  Want in on the fun?  Learn more and sign up here.
vegan-food-swap-300x144In other news…… I’m hosting a potluck brunch and social this Saturday, June 1st in Waterloo.  All welcome!   I’ll be making Belgian waffles, tofu scramble and tea cookies.  Care to join us?  Find all the details here.

Tofu Scramble with purple potatoesHave a great weekend!