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It’s been a busy May so far and a most delicious one too!  My birthday, the anniversary of my blog, the Virtual Vegan Potluck and Mother’s Day all fell in the same week!  All great excuses to indulge in some treats.Kelly's Bake Shoppe cupcakes (4)My birthday wish was to have a meal at my all-time favourite restaurant, Kindfood.  You might recall the review from my last visit here.

I’ll cut to the chase: Kindfood gets everything right.  The nicest staff and owners.  The greatest location, right by the lake so you can eat out on the patio overlooking the water, or take a short walk to the lakefront after your meal.  (Too bad it’s an hour drive for us, but it’s worth it!)  Kindfood has the best food.  The food is everything you’d want: healthy ingredients that taste AMAZING and allergy-friendly to boot: gluten-free, peanut-free, refined sugar-free and vegan.  What else could you ask for in a restaurant?

Kindfood May 4 2013 (1)One minor drawback we’ve encountered with Kindfood in the past is that their café is so small that seating was quite cramped.  They fixed that a few months ago when they renovated to make the dining area larger and we enjoyed this improvement.  Kindfood has amassed quite a loyal following in the few years they’ve been open and the place is always packed whenever we’ve gone; the roomier redesign helps the place more comfortable.  They also opened a sister café, Kelly’s Bake Shoppe so those who just want their famous cupcakes and other treats can head over there.

The entire time we ate there, there was a line of customers from the register to the front door, but don’t be discouraged if you see this when you go; the line moves fast and food comes quickly.  (Don’t you hate visiting restaurants with so few staff on that service takes way too long?)  Our food was served less than ten minutes after ordering which we found  impressive.  (When you eat out with kids, this is SO appreciated).

Kindfood May 4 2013 mac and cheese with caesar saladWe ordered a mix of our favourites and some dishes we hadn’t ordered before.  We can’t go without getting their Caesar salad, mac and cheese and Reuben (below), which we all loved this time, everything was top notch.  The food is very kid-friendly too; both our children tried and loved everything we ordered.

Kindfood May 4 2013 ReubenKindfood May 4 2013 BLAT  with Rueben in the backgroundWe picked two new items to try: the BLAT (vegan bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato) sandwich (above).  It was very good, we liked the carrot shreds, and the vegan bacon bits were nice.

Kindfood May 4 2013 California BurgerHubby ordered the California burger (above) and was I ever glad I talked him into sharing half with me!  I can’t recall a tastier sandwich, ever.   Truly outstanding.  Our very favourite item now and we can’t wait to go back and eat it again!  The only drawbacks to the sandwiches are that they are small, due to the size of the bread, but I just don’t think you can find gluten-free bread that has the same rise and texture of wheat bread (correct me if I’m wrong).  Kindfood uses Organic Works Quinoa Maple Bread.  They used to use Quinoa Honey Bread but it wasn’t true to Kinfood’s vegan values, so Organic Works actually created their Quinoa Maple Bread at Kindfood’s request.  I met Organic Works’ owner and creator Peter Cuddy a couple of months ago and he let me sample all his breads.  The Quinoa Maple is the most delicious, and he confirmed the bread’s story of its creation.   Now anyone can buy delicious vegan gluten-free bread.

After our lunch, we took the one minute stroll around the corner to their sister cafe, Kelly’s Bake Shoppe.  The place is gorgeous: hard wood floors, crystal chandeliers, stone counters, crown molding; even the powder room was a thing of beauty.
Kelly's Bake Shoppe (2)Like Kindfood, Kelly’s Bake Shoppe goodies are free of dairy, eggs, gluten, refined sugar, peanuts and artificial colours.

The amazing flavours of cupcakes included: Vanilla Bean, Red Velvet, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, Black Magic, Dulce De Leche (Hubby’s favourite), Cookies’n Cream.


Kelly's Bake Shoppe cupcakes (3)I chose the coffee flavoured cupcake which was topped with a miniature DONUT, how cute is that?!  It was awesome.

We also bought chocolate covered donuts and cake balls.  The cake balls were an afterthought, we didn’t think they would be as special as the cupcakes, but we were wrong, they were insanely delicious!  Imagine a dense chocolate cupcake with chunks of coconut, encased in chocolate.  Then take that deliciousness and times it by a hundred and that’s how good it was.  So good we had to go back to the store for more!
Kelly's Bake Shoppe (4)

Hubby also enjoyed a coconut milk latte.  I’m not a coffee fan but I had a taste it was really good!

Since Kelly’s and Kindfood are just a hop, skip and a jump from Lake Ontario, we took the kids to the playground on the lakefront and had a great afternoon.
photo(14)A big thank you to Kelly, Erinn, Mike and the Kindfood team for another wonderful meal.  If you are anywhere near Burlington, Ontario, I highly recommend paying a visit to these fabulous restaurants!

Kindfood is located at 399 John Street, Burlington, ON.

Kelly’s Bake Shoppe is located around the corner at 401 Brant Street, Burlington, ON.