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On Sunday night, I was perusing The Vegan Woman’s Vegan Food Blog Guide 2013 to see what amazing blogs are out there that I haven’t discovered yet, and just about fell over when I saw my own blog made the list!

I have to admit, my initial thought was dismay: there must be another blog called Earthgiven Kitchen (and much more popular than mine!).  I couldn’t believe my baby blog, not even a year old, received mention as one of the top 40 blogs, earning The Vegan Woman’s Recommendation badge for 2013.  What an honour to be in the same guide as some of my favourite blogs: This Rawsome Vegan Life, Oh She Glows, Vegan Culinary Crusade, An Unrefined Vegan, Keepin’ It Kind and more.  Congratulations to all the honourees.

My heartfelt thanks to The Vegan Woman and those who nominated me, I am quite touched.  Checkout the list of top 40 vegan blogs here.  What a wonderful celebration of delicious, compassionate eating!


On to a restaurant review!…

I first visited The Naked Sprout, one of Burlington’s two vegan restaurants, last June and loved my visit so much, I knew I’d be going back again before long, despite being an hour away.  To my surprise, after my blog review, the manager Jemma thoughtfully gifted me with a gift certificate to enjoy a meal there again, how kind!  Thank you, Naked Sprout!   I am terribly late in posting this second review, which was a fabulous birthday lunch celebrating my mother.   Here is what we ordered:

The Naked Sprout review Earthgiven Kitchen (3)D’Ambrosio Burger
Have you ever seen a prettier burger?  This was a wonderful chickpea-based veggie burger, gorgeously presented with a side of hot potatoes and swirl of spicy sauce.  I was quite impressed with this dish, especially the bun, which was the most delicious gluten-free bread I can recall eating.  I ate every bite.

The Naked Sprout review Earthgiven Kitchen (2)BBQ Pulled Tofu Sandwich
We had previously experienced the Pulled Un-Pork Sandwich at Hog Town Vegan, and adored it, so we were keen to try The Naked Sprout’s version of a vegan pulled pork sandwiches.  We were not disappointed, it was every bit as good as the Hog Town version, both tangy and sweet and beyond delicious, though this one likely healthier!   The jalapeno Havarti cheese was a nice touch.  We will definitely order this again!

The Naked Sprout review Earthgiven Kitchen (1)Coconut Poppers
We shared these breaded coconut strips as an appetizer.  It was a unique treat; we’d never seen anything like it before so we enjoyed the novelty of the curry-flavoured crispy coconut strips with cashew ranch dressing.  Pretty tasty, but not my favourite item there.

The Naked Sprout review Earthgiven Kitchen (5)Raw Lemon Cheesecake
It’s hard to tell from the photos of a white cake on a white plate but the cheesecake had two lemony layers with different textures: one firm and tangy and the other softer like a traditional cheesecake.  Together with the crunchy crust it was delicious!  They don’t have this flavour every day; you’ll have to see what the daily dessert specials are when you go!

Our whole meal was delicious and we finished every bite.  The staff were all friendly and professional and the place is so inviting, you’ll find yourself relaxing into the great vibe they have going on.  They have plenty of seating and are welcoming of children.  Make reservations, especially if you are intending their Sunday Brunch which I hear is amazing and quite popular.  Vegan wine and beer are available.  The restaurant is all vegan and gluten-free and the say they are over 90% organic….what a great business to support!

I’ll look forward to my next visit at The Naked Sprout!

The Naked Sprout is located at 4040 Palladium Way Unit 11, Burlington, ON.