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Yep, you read that correctly, I made my own toothpaste!  And it’s awesome!  Toothpaste has been on my homesteading to-do list for ages, I just hadn’t found a good recipe until now.Toothpaste (3)

Why make toothpaste?  Well, first of all, sometimes I fret my sister doesn’t have enough stories to tell her friends about how big a hippie I am.  I think she’s waiting for me to start sewing my own clothes out of compost or something.  I hope this tale will suffice in the meantime. 😉

But in all seriousness, the regular stuff can be full of toxins like triclosan and propylene glycol (the chemical solvent that makes antifreeze smooth and slimy).  Gross!  There’s a reason is says “harmful if swallowed”.  Also, unnecessary junk like food dyes and artificial sweeteners can be packed in toothpaste.  And to top it all off, most of them (Crest, Scope, Sensodyne, Colgate, Arm & Hammer) are tested on animals.  Boo!

We gave up on conventional toothpaste about five years ago and switched to Tom’s of Maine which works just as well as regular toothpaste, just free of the toxic ingredients.  On the downside, non-toxic toothpaste can be expensive, but not when you make your own for a few pennies.  Seriously, pennies.

The recipe comes from Meghan Telpner.  If you haven’t yet been introduced to her awesomeness, she’s a Toronto-based nutritionist and her site is an amazing resource on healthy living with loads of free healthy recipes (most are vegan).  So what’s in the toothpaste?  Just equal parts baking soda and vegetable glycerine with a smidge of peppermint oil.  Co-Q10 is an optional add-on that I didn’t bother with.  Get the recipe here.   It tastes pretty good!  And it seems to do just as good a job as regular toothpaste too.Toothpaste (1)Need more convincing?  Here’s David Suzuki’s article on toxic chemicals in toothpaste.  And some more info on toxic toothpaste for your perusal.

So, no more conventional toothpaste right?!