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Last July, my husband and I got to try Hogtown Vegan, a Toronto diner serving nothing but vegan comfort food.  You can read about our first experience here.  The Unchicken and Waffles were calling to me, so I had to go back again!  This time we brought our son, and he was in food heaven!

For those who don’t know, Toronto’s nickname is Hogtown and if rumour is true, it is due to Toronto’s famed pork packaging plants a century ago (sad face).  I am very glad to see that Toronto now is very vegan friendly, with dozens of excellent veggie restaurants.  I’ve only sampled a small handful so far but Hogtown Vegan might be the tastiest, and most memorable! (I couldn’t say the healthiest.)

Here is what we ordered:Hog Town Vegan October 2012 Earthgiven Kitchen (12)Pulled Unpork Sandwich with a generous serving of fries.  It was piled on a bun with delectable coleslaw and loads of sweet barbecue sauce.  It was so humongous that it was a challenge to take a bite, but it was ridiculously delicious.   The fries were also delicious and reminded me of the ones at Swiss Chalet I used to regularly enjoy.  I would order it again, but as a meal to share with another person.  Or two or three.

Hog Town Vegan October 2012 Earthgiven Kitchen (8)Caesar Salad with “fakin’ bits”, almond Parmesan and three pieces of Unchicken.   The best Caesar salad I’ve eaten, including what I can remember of traditional Caesar salads before I went vegan.

Hog Town Vegan October 2012 Earthgiven Kitchen (6)Mac n’ “Cheese”.  Rich and creamy, baked with crispy bread crumbs and a bit of spice.  It was fine but wasn’t my favourite dish there (I think it’s the spice in it I don’t love) but it’s my son’s favourite Hogtown dish and my hubby also gave it two thumbs up so it must be just me.

Hog Town Vegan October 2012 Earthgiven Kitchen (13)Unchicken and Waffles.  Breaded, deep-fried soy chicken with the very best Belgian waffles, garlicky collard greens, maple syrup and mashed sweet potatoes.  My very favourite dish there.  I can’t say enough good things about it, it was all just PERFECT.  Except for the calorie content.  I don’t even want to know.

We also ordered Buffalo wings;  my husband’s favourite.  He ordered them last time and had to have them again.  Alas, they are made with alcohol so I couldn’t indulge but they looked wonderful.

Hog Town Vegan October 2012 Earthgiven Kitchen (14)Key lime cheesecake.  Last time, we were too stuffed to order dessert, this time we couldn’t resist.  Absolutely heaven; just the right creaminess, sweetness and tang.

It was another outstanding feast — delicious and rich comfort food.   I highly recommend Hogtown Vegan but I suppose it’s a good thing this place is more than an hour away to prevent me from eating there too often.  When you only indulge in this kind of food very occasionally, it makes for a memorable treat and worth every calorie.

Have you eaten at Hogtown yet?  What are you favourites there?

Hogtown Vegan is located at 834 Bloor St. West, Toronto, ON.