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There is something so exciting about getting a package in the mail, especially when you know it contains delicious treats!  It makes me feel like a kid again.  October was the fifth month I’ve participated in Vegan Food Swap, a foodie pen pal program.  This month, I was partnered with Carrie from Carrie 30×30 and Kim from Canadian Vegan Girl.

Here is what Kim gifted me with this month!….

Organic Quinoa: A great healthy pantry staple!  I’ll be using this soon.

Oskri Coconut Dark Chocolate bar: I loved the taste!  It tasted so much like a Bounty candy bar that I used to eat as a kid, but this time without the sugar, milk and preservatives.

Level Ground Tropical Fruit: mango, pineapple and bananas dried without sulfites, preservative or sugar, just pure fruit.  Lovely!  I love using my dehydrator to dry fruit but hadn’t tried coconut or mangoes yet, I’ll have to try that myself.  Level Ground also produces coffee and uses fair trade practices.

Fruit Source Plus bar: dried fruit and veggies bar.  I love these for my purse or my kid’s lunch box.

Camino peanut butter bar: I love Camino chocolate bars so much I sent one to my swap partner this month too!  This one tastes a lot like Reese peanut butter cups, which is to say, DELICIOUS!  I think my husband eats a Camino peanut butter bar once a week.  One of the reasons we buy Camino brand chocolate (like cacao powder, chocolate chips, etc) is that they are certified fair trade in an industry where child labour practices are sadly rampant. Please buy fair trade chocolate!  (Who can you trust?  Here’s a list by Food Is Power.)  A bonus is that Camino chocolate is organic and produced by Canadian company La Siembra.

Haldiram’s Moong Dal:  My favourite treat from the swap box and one I’d never even heard of before.  Moong Dal is salted fried mung beans.  I would describe them as a cross between potato chips and rice krispies and completely addictive.  I’ve never seen them in stores but I will hunt for them!

Thank you very much, Kim!  I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Meanwhile, my other partner Carrie received my swap package.  Carrie is not a vegan but is trying a vegan month so I wanted to give her some basics to help her enjoy being vegan.  Before I committed to veganism (which seemed terribly daunting to a cheese lover), I tried an all-vegan day, then an all-vegan week, then an all-vegan month.  If you’re thinking about making the switch to veganism, I promise it’s not as arduous or complicated as you might think.   Just give it a try.

Here’s what I sent to Carrie:


–Green Vibrance superfood drink mix

–Homemade chocolate-pear granola

–Assorted teas

–Hemp hearts

–Camino Almond Butter chocolate bar

–Nutritional yeast

I hope she likes it all! 

Want to sign up for Vegan Food Swap and get your own box of surprise treats delivered to your door?  Contact the awesome Canadian hostess MeShell from In Your City and sign up for November!

This is post #19 for Vegan MoFo and #20 is being posted tomorrow at midnight for the Virtual Vegan Potluck link up party, which means…. I did it!  20 posts in one month, phew!   You’ll excuse me if I post far less often in future, you’re probably tired of me anyway!  🙂

See you tomorrow for the online potluck and then….. have a wonderful November!

Update: Here is Carrie’s blog post on my goodie package to her: http://carrie30x30.blogspot.ca/2012/10/vegan-food-swap-haul.html.