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We’ve been in desperate need to replace our carpets for a long time.  8 pets have lived in this house at one time or another and they’ve all been hard on the floors.  Wanting to be as environmentally conscientious as possible, we researched our options.   Not everything labeled “natural” is harmless, of course.  We debated getting renewable sourced wood, bamboo and cork but we worried hard floors would be too slippery on the stairs for the kids.   We didn’t want to do natural carpet from animal sources like wool, and we were interested in products that had used some recylced component like plastic bottles.  The question became: how do you really know how “green” these really companies are?  And what good is a carpet that uses some recycled material when its slathered in toxic glue?  Polyester and polypropylene carpets are more environmentally friendly to produce than nylon but they can’t be recycled, and they aren’t as durable so you’ll replace them faster.  There wasn’t a perfect choice, we concluded, and we would just have to make the best decision we could.
We ended up going with a  Nigella carpet by Richmond  and are quite happy with the choice.  The pretty colour is “Chocolate Chip” which was chosen to 1) match the dark brown in our decor and 2) hide all the cat barf stains we are in store for with two old kitties in the house.  Gotta be practical.

Speaking of my dear cats, here they are being all cute and stuff.  Don’t be fooled by their sweet faces, they are putting their heads together to plot something destructive in the house.

The carpet backing is reportedly 50% from recycled and renewable resources.  The carpet doesn’t smell at all, which I *hope* means its not off-gassing thanks to its PVC-free backing,  it wasn’t outrageously priced, and it feels luxuriously soft.  As one of my kids said “it feels like I’m walking on a chocolate cloud!”   When we need to replace more carpeting in our home, I think we’ll go with Nigella again.

Any thoughts on “green” carpeting?  I’d love to hear from you.