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I finally got my hands on Dreena Burton’s Eat, Drink and Be Vegan and while most of the recipes are pretty healthy, the first one I tried was the “nice krispie squares”.  The rest of the recipes look amazing, I look forward to trying more soon!

Dreena actually shares two recipes for rice krispie squares: a traditional version with vegan margarine and marshmallows, and a “nicer” version with macadamia nut butter.  That recipe is found on her website here.  I’m sure I’ll try the latter eventually, but in the meantime, I made Dreena’s nice krispie squares using Becel vegan margarine, Nature’s Path rice cereal and Dandies vegan marshmallows.

Making rice krispie squares are always a fun activity with the kids.  Mine particularly enjoyed stirring the melting marshmallows on the stove, because if you’re a child, there is just about nothing as fun as turning something into goo.

The result?  A very authentic tasting rice krispie treat.  Sweet and gooey (with pretty much no redeeming nutritional value), they are just like the treats I grew up with and were a fun indulgence.  The kids gave them too sticky thumbs up!