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I admit that I really miss the convenience of being able to swing by a drive-thru for an occasional prepared meal or pick up a quick slice of pizza.  I don’t miss the cheesy food, just the convenience.  But it’s still possible to eat delicious and mostly healthy vegan food from fast food joints when there’s no time to make a meal from scratch.   Here are some recent fast food experiences, all positive:
Villa Madina.  We ordered the Vegetable Plate which was a choice of 7 items for about $8.00, not bad at all.  We chose the following items that we were assured were vegan: rice-stuffed vine leaves, falafels, broccoli, carrots and mango salad, hummus, beans and spiced rice with lentils.  Overall, very good!  Everything tasted fresh and healthy, not too greasy or salty, and there were plenty of vegetables to choose from.  We were impressed!  Villa Madina has several locations across Canada.

Tandori.  I appreciated that when I said “I’m vegan”, expecting to have to elaborate further, the server kindly said “no problem at all” and pointed out all the dishes I could have.  There were enough options to create a plate full of delicious Indian fare.  We had the Chana Masala (chick pea curry), which came with Naan (delicious soft pita bread), potatoes and samosas.  It was all very tasty.  In fact, we preferred the taste of the chickpea curry and Naan better at Tandori than Classic Indian (where they spell it “Chenna”), the more expensive sit-down restaurant.   Tandori advertises that their food is cooked in trans-fat free vegetable oil with no added MSG.  Another winner!  Both Villa Madina and Tandori advertise that they are Halal; for me that means I can relax knowing I won’t end up with an allergic reaction from any alcohol which is often a hidden ingredient in sauces.  Both these food court establishments served their meals on Styrofoam plates, something that I didn’t bat an eyelash at a few years ago and now makes me cringe.  There are plenty of places that serve their fast food in compostable or at least recyclable plates and containers, and hopefully this will become more commonplace.  A side note, at the first food court place we tried to eat at (which had hummus on the menu, often a sign of vegan-friendliness), the server looked at me like I had three heads when I said the word vegan, then shook her head in bafflement and moved to the next customer without further acknowledgment.  Hmm, guess we won’t be eating there.Burrito Boyz.  You already know I love this place.  Burrito Boyz has nine locations in Ontario; we ordered from the Mississauga location, which is take-out only.   I ordered the soy veggie with black beans, re-fried beans, rice, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, salsa, cilantro and vegan guacamole.  Their regular guacamole has dairy, but they do have a vegan guacamole stashed in the fridge if you ask for it.  I’ve also learned they always have cilantro but you often have to ask special for it, they don’t offer it.  They grill them to perfection, no cheese required for a delicious burrito!  A small veggie soy was just $5.97, a pretty decent price for a lot of yummy food.

I’ll happily eat at all three of these places again!

Any other fast food places to recommend for vegan eats?