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Is there anything better than a lazy summer Sunday afternoon to do nothing but hang with your favourite people and eat good food?  I had one of those lovely days this weekend which makes it the perfect day for a “What I Ate Wednesdays” submission to Peas and Crayons, the weekly blog link-up.

Two weeks ago, a friend gave me an organic tree-ripened Ontario peach and I couldn’t believe the taste difference between it and grocery store peaches.  Not only that, Ontario peaches are hard to find right now due to the insane spring weather we had –summer temperatures in March brought out fruit flowers, then an April frost damaged most of them, leaving no fruit to ripen.  A heartbreak to the tune of $100 million for Ontario fruit farmers.  My friend shared the source of her stash: The Petters, a family business that organizes and disperses orders of organic produce from Palatine, a farm in Niagara known for its commitment to ethical farming and amazing tree-ripened fruit.  They reportedly were immensely lucky that their trees survived when neighbouring farms were ruined.  I understand that they are not certified organic but don’t use traditional pesticides.  We also ordered a basket of heirloom tomatoes and they are just as spectacularly fresh and delicious as the peaches.
Above: Zabu inspects our produce order

There are 8 locations in southern Ontario where you can pick up Palatine produce, thanks to the Petters.   I’ve been eating fresh peaches and tomatoes daily and will be sorry when summer is over and these wonderful local gems are gone for another year.
Here’s what I ate Sunday:
Breafkast: Spinach-banana smoothie, a cup of chocolate hazelnut tea and a fresh peach
Snack: Mary’s organic crackers and Daiya wedges with garlic-stuffed olives.
I have been eagerly anticipating the launch of Daiya wedges for months.  I finally found them a week ago and the verdict is: good but not quite the texture I was hoping for.  The cheddar one tastes too artificial for my liking, bringing me memories of Cheez Whiz, something I haven’t eaten since I was about 10.  The jack style one and havarti were tastier.
Lunch: Tomato and hummus sandwich with fresh greens, another peach and two chocolate banana cookies (currently my most popular recipe, click the link for the recipe).
I’m slightly obsessed with fresh tomato and hummus sandwiches these days.  Definitely my favourite sandwich and a summer staple.   I make my own hummus with a secret ingredient!  I’ll reveal when I post the recipe soon.  Also on the sandwich: baby spinach, onion, cucumber and black pepper.  Delish!
Dinner: Delicious and a bit indulgent creamy avocado chickpea pasta (click the link for the recipe) and carrot sticks.  We ate on the deck, enjoying the wonderful weather.
Dessert: Frozen chocolate banana bites (click the link for the recipe).  Bananas dipped in chocolate, coconut and sprinkles and frozen until they taste like chunks of ice cream.   Heavenly on a summer day!

Thanks to Jenn for hosting another What I Ate Wednesdays.
Peas and Crayons