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Our family vacation this summer was a week at a cottage in beautiful Muskoka, Ontario and the ten of us had a wonderful time.
I’m grateful that even though I’m the lone vegan in the family, the rest of my family members are either nearly vegan, semi-vegetarian or veg-supportive.  All family meals were predominantly vegan.  We saved time and stress by preparing many of the meals ahead of time and freezing them, like my BBQ burritos and my sister’s delicious vegan shepherd’s pie.  I made sure to pack with me all the foods I wouldn’t want to go a week without and wouldn’t be able to find in the nearest grocery store, like my sandwich spread (Vegenaise + mustard + fresh herbs from my garden), Tofurky slices, hemp seeds, organic fruit, almond milk, etc.
So, for What I ate Wednesday‘s submission #2, here is what I ate one day last week at the cottage:
Breakfast:  Raw cherry almond granola.  Recipe coming soon.  We adored getting to see this view every day as we ate.  So peaceful.  August’s WIAW theme is “summer staples”, celebrating the foods in season right now.  For me, nothing says summer like fresh berries, and I used both raw strawberries and cherries in my granola.  Summer food staples in my house are also burgers and anything else barbecued, which we certainly enjoyed at the cottage.
Lunch: Mountain Veggie Burger with Daiya, relish and tomatoes and almonds and watermelon for dessert.  This was my first time trying this brand and I really liked it.  It’s made from vegetables and beans and only 3 grams of fat per burger, a nice break from the fatty and soy-based (though delicious) burgers out there.  They were bought at Organic Garage in Oakville. Snack of tortilla chips and salsa, Barbara’s blueberry fig bars and dried apricots.
Dinner: Sweet potato black bean burritos with cilantro lime sauce!  Recipe coming soon.  These were a big hit.  I made them a few weeks before hand, wrapped them individually in aluminum foil and froze them before the trip. They defrosted over night in the fridge then barbecued about five minutes each side so they will be hot all the way through.  We served them with Tofutti Better Than Sour Cream, guacamole and salsa.  Delicious!  Easily my favourite meal at the cottage.
Dessert: Birthday cake!  We treated ourselves to Sweets from the Earth chocolate cheesecake for my son’s birthday celebration.  I adored cheesecake before I went vegan and so far have not had lucky myself creating an excellent vegan cheesecake, but that’s okay because we can always get a delicious Sweets from the Earth cake to satisfy our cheesecake cravings.  Their very best cake, in my opinion, is their carrot cake.  Completely addictive.  All Sweets from the Earth foods are made from natural vegan ingredients; no preservatives, GMOs, hydrogenated food or refined sugars.  And they are from Toronto!  Sweet indeed.
 Peas and Crayons

Thanks, Jenn from Peas and Crayons, for hosting another WIAW.