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Hey, it’s my 50th post!  Thanks all for sticking around.  I’m having a blast.  The blogger challenges have been particularly enjoyable.  I’ve just starting participating in Healthy Vegan Fridays, What I Ate Wednesdays and this is my third month with the Vegan Food Swap, where participants are paired with vegan foodie penpals and send and receive treats once a month.

Time to reveal this month’s box of delicious treats, this time courtesy of Sasha from One Small Vegan.  I love that nearly everything she sent me was a new discovery.  I’m a big food geek, so this was exciting for me.  Meanwhile, I sent a goodie bag of vegan treats to Gabby at The Veggie Nook.  I left for holidays the day after my package arrived so I haven’t had time to try everything yet.  I look forward to sampling everything before long.  Here’s what Sasha gifted me with:

Yogavive popped apple chips.  Delicious!  How do you pop an apple?  I don’t know and the Yogavive people are mum on their website.  I made the tactical error of opening the teeny package in front of three other people, so I shared them, and I only got to have two little pieces.  So the lesson, folks, is to open and eat teeny bags of delicious food alone!

One Earth Organic Coconut Sugar.  Dr. Oz says this is the best alternative to white sugar, did ya know?  That’s because it’s minimally processed with low glycemic index and a source of several nutrients, unlike cane sugar.  Wouldn’t it be awesome in my Spiced Coconut Mango Muffins?  YES!

Cavena Naked Oats by Smart and Natural Foods.  This Canadian product is a a new variety of oats (GMO-free) that are naturally hull-less and hair-less meaning less processing and waste, so the website says.  These whole grains are have a decent amount of protein and iron.  I hadn’t seen it in stores near me yet (Sasha lives in another province) though I had heard buzz of this new grain and had been keen to try it.

VerMints.  All natural vegan mints!  VerMints from Vermont, how cute.   And I’ll be keeping the adorable tin they come in.

Vanilla bean pods.  I told Sasha of allergy to alcohol, meaning I can’t have any food with traditional vanilla extract, among many other ingredients that make my allergy supremely annoying.  How sweet of Sasha to send me whole vanilla bean pods!  A vanilla bead pod is not cheap, and I’ve never treated myself to one, so I really appreciate the generous and thoughtful gesture.

Assorted teas and Sweet Leaf stevia. Stevia is my sweetener of choice in my tea.  The chocolate tea was particularly nice.

Chocolate Vega Macaroons.  I LOVE homemade treats!  Especially with chocolate and/or coconut.  They were super.  They came with me on holiday to the cottage in a plain tin to attract no notice from the nine other people I was sharing food with, meanwhile eating them when I was alone.  I learned my lesson from the apple chips!  Okay, I shared a few.  But reluctantly.  They were really good!  And best of all, Sasha shared the recipe here so you can make them yourself.
Thank you very much, Sasha, for a lovely box of treats!  It was a foodie dream come true!

Want to learn more about the monthly vegan food swap?  Check out In Your City for all the info and thanks to Meshell for hosting!