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A friend who knows me so well bought me an organic microgreens kit for my birthday (thanks a bunch, Melanie!).  The kit even came packaged in a reusable lunch bag, how’s that for an environmentally friendly gift?   I’ve sprouted seeds before (where you rinse the seeds in water until they sprout, then eat the entire thing), but never microgreens, so this was a great new idea to try.  I’ve also been trying to integrate more raw foods in my diet and sprouts and microgreens are a great, easy and inexpensive way to get fresh greens.

Microgreens are tiny nutrient-packed leafed vegetables grown in small spaces and harvested just 1-2 weeks after sprouted when they are about an inch tall.  Even if you have just a windowsill you can grown your own nutritious green food.  Microgreens are chock full of chlorophyll, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.  Some even have a decent protein content. 

My microgreens kit included basil, curly cress and chia microgreens.  They came with three biodegradeable pots and coir discs (non-soil growing medium).

Here are the wee guys Day one….

….and Day 10.

They were all quite flavourful, so just a little is needed for a strong taste.  I liked the flavour of basil best. Curly cress tastes a bit like horseradish.

Just snip off a few leaves and add it anywhere you’d use lettuce or a green garnish.  We added microgreens to our veggie burgers, pasta, salads and rice bowls.

When you’ve harvested all your greens, add more seeds and off you go again.

My microgreen kit was by Seracon and can be found at Chapters in Canada.  Microgreen kits are also found at Amazon.com.