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First strawberry.

Roses and clematis.

The raspberries are just coming out now.  The Saskatoon berry bush shows no sign of producing this year, perhaps too much damage from the rabbits and ground hog.   No mulberries yet either which are normally ready by mid-June.

Henry enjoys the salad bar.

My first year attempting to grow cauliflower.  The above picture was taken two weeks ago.  Unfortunately, my cauliflower turned purple in last week’s heat wave (and it’s not a purple variety cauliflower).  I learned after the fact that I should have blanched the curds when they appear by covering them with the leaves so they could finish growing in the shade.   Lesson learned for next year!

Rhubarb.  Hm, what shall I make? Muffins?

Spectacular peonies! They smell heavenly too.

Roses in an up-cycled tea tin.

Beautiful basil in my herb pot.

Zucchini blossom.  Can’t wait to enjoy their veggies in a few more weeks.  The spinach has been out for a few weeks though I just have three plants of them.  The peppers barely have buds, so we’ll have to wait a while longer for them.

How goes your garden so far?