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Several months ago, I heard that a full-service vegan restaurant had opened in Burlington  and have been meaning to check it out every since.  I finally took the time to visit  The Naked Sprout this past weekend and was not disappointed.  The food–which is mostly raw but there are several cooked dishes on the menu– and service were excellent.  From their website: “At The Naked Sprout, all of our meals are stripped naked to serve the purest, energy-dense and plant-based meals, with a bunch of love poured into making the most delicious meals for you.

The restaurant is spacious and beautifully decorated with bamboo and cork floors, inspired artwork and reclaimed wood furniture.  It was like eating in a spa.  What a wonderful, relaxing dining experience!

Check out the lovely table we sat at.
Here’s what we ordered:

Unleash the Warrior Within Bowl — rice, tempeh, sunflower sprouts and steamed broccoli in a thai almond sauce.  I must try to recreate the sauce, it was excellent!
Twisted Tacos
: soft shell made of carrot and flax and stuffed with guacamole, tomatoes and sunflower taco meat, topped with sunflower seeds.  I ordered it with a side of cashew cream. I loved it!

Mocha-Chai Mudslide
: nut milk, bananas, vanilla, dates, chocolate chai tea, raw cacao and nutmeg.  Nutmeg!  Thanks for the great idea for future smoothies.

Soba Noodle Bowl: a generous portion of noodles, tempeh and veggies in sesame ginger sauce.  Awesome!

A surprise hit: Hot Potatoes and BBQ Dipping Sauce.  These made a very tasty side dish for everyone to share.

After dinner: red chocolate tea with almond milk.  I’ve never seen a tea timer like this before; the server starts the timer when she makes the tea and three hourglasses tell you when it’s steeped light, medium and strong.  They have a dessert menu that sounds amazing (Chocolate Fudge Tort! Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake!) but I was just too full to partake.  I’ll just have to come back again soon!  Next time I think I’ll aim for Sunday Brunch, and will follow the advice from our helpful server to make reservations in advance.  I am already dreaming of the chocolate coconut crepes…..