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This past weekend, I joined nine of my favourite people to lunch at one of my all-time favourite restaurants, Kindfood in Burlington.  I really appreciate that this place lives up to its name.   The staff are all super friendly and enthusiastic.  The owner Kelly is sweet, gracious and passionate about her business.  This will sound super cheesy, but you can feel the love and positive energy there.  Look around and the customers are grinning ear to ear as they stuff their faces.  This is a happy place.

And the FOOD!  Where to start?  Not only is Kindfood entirely vegan and organic, their food is free of gluten, trans-fats, GMOs, peanuts and refined sugar.  Food that is kind to your body, kind to those with allergies, kind to animals and kind to the planet. Think that leaves nothing to eat but lettuce?  You will be astounded by the plentiful creative and delicious dishes at Kindfood from the genius mind of owner and chef Kelly Childs.  And Kindfood has won about a million awards to show that everyone is just as bananas for this place as I am.

Okay, I’ve gushed enough, best place on  Earth, blah blah blah, let’s show you the pretty pictures of the food!

Happy Buddha Bowl.  Sweet potato, almonds, kale, avocado, brown rice and more in a delicious dressing.  You are in luck that Kindfood permitted Tosca Reno to publish the recipe here.

The Reuben.  My husband’s favourite.  I don’t even like sauerkraut and never ate Reuben sandwiches as a meat eater, but I love this sandwich.

One of their daily specials: Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup.  My kids, who do not like squash at all, ate it like it was a bowl of ice cream.

The best Caesar Salad I’ve ever eaten.  Homemade croutons and Brazil nut Parmesan. We will never go to Kindfood and not order this salad.  My kids’ favourite item on the menu.

The Kind Burger.  Tempeh patty smothered in Daiya and chipotle vegan mayo.  I dare say this is my favourite veggie burger ever.   I shall request this as my last meal.

World Peace Cookie Sandwich, Dulce de Leche cupcake and Chocolate Cupcake with mint icing.  Sinfully delicious! I will be honest and say I find most of their desserts too sweet for me, they are quite rich and decadent.  Sugar-free does not mean low calorie.  I can’t eat a whole cupcake myself but I seem to be the only one with that problem.

Donuts! Now these were great and not too rich, so I could indulge in one of these again.  They are baked and not fried.  They don’t make donuts every day so you’ll have to call ahead to find out or hope for the best.  Now I want a donut pan!

A note about Kindfood: it’s a small cafe so seating is limited.   As a party of 10 we did not expect to get to sit all together.  We’ve always found the food is prepared quickly so you won’t wait long.  There is a fridge of goodies to take home so we bring a cooler with us.  I’ve eaten there six times and have always had a wonderful experience.

Thanks, Kindfood team, for another great meal!