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It’s the first of June but the weather the past few days has been quite cool.  Instead of summery salads, I just want to curl up with a bowl of this warm, comforting soup.

This is a fabulous soup that I can take no credit for creating.  I have made no alterations as it’s perfect just as it is.  It comes from Orangette blog (she calls it “a quiet soup”) and can be found here. (Naturally, I used vegetable broth).

I love this soup and I’m not even a lentil fan.  I’ve never seen anyone not love this soup. Children scarf it down, lick the bowl and ask for seconds.  Use red lentils which are sweeter than brown or green lentils.  Combined with lemon and cilantro in this soup, the results are divine.  Don’t skip the tomato paste or the cumin which are key to making all the flavours work together.

Serve with fresh bread for the perfect lunch on a cool day.  Thanks to my friend Melanie for introducing me to this recipe.