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What do you do with all the stuff in your house that is in great condition but you no longer use?  Throw an upcycling party!  Last weekend, I invited friends to bring all the clothes, jewelry, accessories, books and housewares they no longer use and the rest of the party goers can select what they want from the offerings.  It was a great way for all of us to clean out our closets, kitchen cupboards and storage boxes of things we no longer use and pass them on to friends who will enjoy them.  Everyone takes as much as they want.  Whatever is left over at the end of the party is taken to a charity donation centre by the host.

It’s the cheapest and most environmentally friendly way to shop!  Not to mention, lots of fun. We munched on nacho kale chips and salsa and had fun trying on clothes and listening to old cd’s.

It might look like piles of junk but there were great treasures there! The fun was digging for the good stuff.  I consider it a success that I gave away three times as much as I took.

My cat Henry, sniffing out some cool finds.

Some of the great things I snagged: mini elephant pitcher, funky mugs, cookbooks, bamboo salad tongs (mine broke last week: serendipitous score!) and this super cute vegan t-shirt. (Confession: I also took the Cocktail soundtrack).

Anyone else do upcycling parties? How do you get rid of what you don’t use anymore?