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We recently celebrated my husband’s birthday and chose Cafe Pyrus downtown Kitchener for its scrumptious food and– in my husband’s opinion– the best coffee he’s ever tasted (I don’t drink coffee so I can’t comment).   The owner relayed to me that she chooses produce from local, organic farmers whenever possible, which we appreciate.  The prices are also super reasonable; dinner for four including dessert came to about $40, which is really amazing considering they don’t compromise on portion size, taste or quality.  The menu is vegan except for their cheese and avocado sandwich.

We ordered:

Tempeh burger: just added to the menu, loaded with veggies and served with chips.  More than one person could eat!

Antijitos: Mangos, spinach and a cashew cream.  We have ordered this every single time we’ve eaten at Pyrus, it’s our very favourite dish there.

Rad Thai: a humongous portion of peanutty vegan pad thai and it was great!  It’s their special on Wednesdays only.

The “Fat Elvis”: Grilled peanut butter, chocolate and peanut butter sandwich served with cinnamon-sprinkled apples.  This picture just shows half the sandwich.  It came sliced in two halves and when it was set on the table, I reached for my camera to take a photo of it and my son had eaten half of it already, in like, four seconds.  Needless to say, it was delicious.

Jumbo Ginger Molasses Cookies: these were outstanding! We also enjoyed their peanut butter cookies but I didn’t get a picture.

We didn’t get to try these lemon blueberry cupcakes as we were too full to eat another bite but I took a photo of them as they were so beautiful! 

We’ll be back again before long!  And by the way, Pyrus is Latin for pear, because you were wondering, weren’t you?