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Newly planted vegetables: spinach, red pepper, zucchini, cauliflower, celery, and cilantro.  Perennial herbs from last year: chives and lavender.  Chives are the heartiest thing in my garden.  They last until late fall and are the first to come up in late winter.  Most of our veggies are in containers and this works well for us with our small backyard for many reasons: being two feet off the ground makes it less likely for rabbits, groundhogs and other animals to destroy them, I can easily switch up which veggies I want to grow each year, I can control the quality of the soil and I can easily move them around the yard to maximize sun exposure.

Fruit that will be ready to pick later this summer: strawberries for the fifth year (one plant from last year actually survived; the rest are new), raspberries for the eighth year (last year’s harvest was about 1,000) and Saskatoon berries for the second year (last year’s harvest was a pitiful two; our resident groundhog destroyed much of the bush so we hope it recovers well this year).

Pot of Italian herbs: basil, parsley, etc.

Newly planted cauliflower

What to do with an old metal gazebo we don’t use anymore? We upcycled the legs to hang our strawberry plants and to deter animals from coming in the garden.  We also used a piece as a rose trellis:

By the way, the rose above is called Breath of Life and will be in full bloom in about a month.  It grows like a weed and has the nastiest thorns but the prettiest pale pink blooms.  If you want a hardy, climbing rose bush that will grow quickly up a wall or arbor, it makes a good choice, but it’s a beast that can take over your garden if you don’t cut it back regularly. Here’s a pic from last year:

Breath of Life rose

Can’t wait to begin harvesting fruits and veggies this summer!